A New, 4,500-Square-Foot Climate-Controlled Clean Room

November 2016

R.F. Cook Manufacturing is pleased to announce the completion of our new, 4,500-square-foot, climate-controlled clean room. Our new facility was constructed in order to create the ideal conditions for holding tight tolerances to .00001” on geometry, and .000025" on size. This level of dimensional accuracy requires not only a closely-controlled ambient temperature and an ultra-high level of cleanliness; it also demands highly-skilled and experienced craftsmen and the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

R.F. Cook Manufacturing has some of the most advanced machine tools in the industry, including a DMG Mori DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK® Universal Milling Machine. When you combine a high-tech manufacturing environment with decades of hands-on machining expertise, you get a precision manufacturer who delivers super-close-tolerance accuracy and reliability, every time.

New Zeiss Prismo Ultra CMM

October 2016

R.F. Cook Manufacturing has recently added a new Zeiss Prismo Ultra Coordinate Measuring Machine. This state-of-the-art machine is equipped with a VAST gold probe head and a 16” computer-controlled rotary table. With a measuring capacity of 900mm x 1,300mm x 650mm XYZ (35.43” x 51.18” x 25.59”), super-accurate glass-ceramic scales, and carbon-fiber construction with elastomer vibration damping; our new CMM delivers high-speed dimensional inspection through tangential approach and scanning with maximum precision and guaranteed accuracy, including dynamic stylus calibration.

Our commitment to uncompromising quality through cutting-edge technology has been at the foundation of our success since 1944. Contact us today to learn more about our new Zeiss CMM and the total-quality environment at R.F. Cook Manufacturing.

New DMG Mori DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK® Universal Milling Machine

April 2015

R.F. Cook Manufacturing now has one of the most advanced, ultra-precision machine tools on the planet; and the only one in North Central Ohio. Our new DMG Mori DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK® Universal Milling Machine represents the next generation in modern machine tool design. Featuring 5-axis simultaneous machining with a 33.1” diameter x 19.7” maximum workpiece capacity, NC swivel rotary table, 18,000-rpm motor and a 60-tool magazine, our new DMG Mori DMU 65 FD can perform complete machining – including milling, turning and complex contouring operations – in one setup. This Universal Milling Machine is designed for maximum efficiency, saving us both time and money and allowing us to offer enhanced value and reduced lead times for our customers.

With a total of fifteen advanced CNC machine tools and in-house grinding and EDM, RF Cook Manufacturing has the equipment and the hands-on precision machining expertise to handle your most complex and demanding requirements. To learn more about the cutting-edge CNC machining solutions available at RF Cook Manufacturing please contact us today.


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